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Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Who want to go to or are already attending FIDM

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Welcome to the ultimate FIDM and fashion enthusiasts community on LiveJournal. FIDM is a private college that provides various majors related to fashion, art and marketing with 4 lovely campuses in whole state of California. If you're looking for the ultimate west coast experience combined with professional studies including the Bachelor's Degree of Science in Business Management, Associate of Arts or AA Professional Designation degrees, this is it. This community is created for you folks who are accepted or in process of applying, currently attending, or alumni. Feel free to ask questions about FIDM or the application process. Alumni, feel free to post your good/bad experiences at FIDM. Post your fave professors and which classes to take, your major, your experiences on campus, and anything fashion/art related. Also, feel free to post any savings and spots to hang out in your area (SF, LA, SD or OC). This is also a good place to network with other students, professionals and professors for potential jobs, fashion or art talk, business startups, or just to get together for fun. You're allowed to post art or fashion illustrations as well.

AA Programs offered at F.I.D.M.

-Fashion Design
-Fashion Knitwear Design
-Merchandise Marketing
-Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing
-Merchandise Product Development
-Graphic Design
-Digital Media
-Visual Communications
-Apparel Industry Management
-Textile Design
-Interior Design
-Film & TV Costume Design
-Theatre Costume Design
-Entertainment Set Design & Decoration
-Footwear Design
-Jewelry Design

-B.S. in Business Management