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Help! [May. 16th, 2009|09:59 pm]


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Hi! I hope that I can get some of my question answered about fidm any comments will be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of going to the LA campus and getting my AA in Apparel Manufacturing Management. Now, I don't have that much money to go to college I only have about $7,000 to 8,000 saved including savings bonds. My dad has agreed to help me out a bit but the rest I have to use student loans.
I live in Colorado and I was thinking about going to the Art Institute here which also offers some fashion programs. The Denver Art Institute is one of the original schools so it's supposed to be pretty good and they really seem commited to their students. They even help you find jobs after you graduate.

I suppose I should tell you what I want to do after college to give you a bit of insight. I just want to open my own personal boutique and run my own little fashion line as well. I really could care less about getting famous or becoming some household name I just want to do what makes me happy.

I'm also planning on taking a Graphic Design Class next year at BTEC which is a trade school for high school students. I've also been taking a marketing class at my school for the past two years which is a joke but I learned a little.  I'm a very commited student and once I start something I finish it.

I'm not worried about getting in because I have well above a 3.0 and the admission project seems like a breeze.

First, what was your overall experience at fidm? I've been reading through this community and the responses seem pretty mixed.

What did you learn or took from fidm?

Did fidm help you with your future career plans in the slightest?

I know that the fashion design major takes a lot of work but what about the other majors?

Do you have time for a job while attending fidm?

What is your social life like?

What type of clubs or extracurricular activities does fidm offer?

Are there any programs to study abroad?

For those of you who came out of state how did that work out for you? I already know about the whole student housing being a joke thing.

Would you reccomend an out of state students to apply at the fidm?

[User Picture]From: lethallyblonde
2009-05-17 11:46 pm (UTC)
1. Professionalism.

2 Definitely. FIDM has a career center, and you should go in every week and meet with your advisors and look at jobs together/review your cover letter and resume. A lot of students don't step foot inside of the career enter, but it's a really good resource. Everyone should use it.

3. Yes, every FIDM major is tons and tons of work. I always hear several fashion design majors talk about how their major is the hardest which bothers me to no end.

4. I have a job, but I only work about 12 hours a week.

5. I honestly do not have time to go out and do much of anything because FIDM is so much work. I do have my group of friends, and my best friend at FIDM though, so contrary to what some people might say, you can make friends there.

6. There are some clubs, but I'm not involved in any of them so I don't know much about them.

7. There are study tours. Paris study tour, European study tour, and a New York study tour (obviously that one isn't abroad)
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From: holleydanielle
2009-06-20 07:13 am (UTC)
1. well i leaned a ton of stuff. i'm a fashion design major and they really covered all aspects of the industry

2. yes, they have a career center and even after you graduate they still will help you find a job

3. definitely, after going to fidm i was positive that i wanted to stay in the fashion business

4. well since i'm in fashion design i can agree that yes it is a ton of work. but all majors seem to be that way

5. i did have a job. honestly it was pretty stressful, i would work the entire weekend and i would be so stressed out through the week with all the homework. i had to pull all nighters more than once

6. ummm i didn't have one lol. i did have a boyfriend and friends and they understood that i could hardly ever go out, but yeah kiss your social life goodbye

7. fidm offers a couple clubs and stuff but nothing too exciting, and honestly you will be so busy with homework you wont have time for clubs

8. there are programs to study abroad, they offer ones in italy, paris, and a spain one (i think) the catch is you have to be fluent in one of those languages

9. i'm not out of state but there are a ton of students there that are

hope i helped :)
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